What’s my Emotional trigger

Do you know what triggers what emotion ?

Being emotionally intelligent is knowing and having an understanding of what triggers certain emotions and knowing how to manage this accordingly. Instead of waiting for situations to happen to reflect on; why you felt so emotional or how you could of managed your emotions better, start by learning to identify the basics and what triggers certain emotions, of course you won’t be able to identify everything but if you have an understand of most emotions or the emotions you would like to improve this a great start.

When understanding emotions it’s important to have balance and to not be afraid to feel a certain emotion because, we are emotional beings and we will fluctuate within our emotions. It’s when you suppress your emotions you may start to notice negative coping mechanism to prevent them re surfacing.

Here is an example of the things you can think about when trying to identify what triggers certain emotions;

What make me feel (insert emotion)

How do I feel physically

How do I behave

What thoughts pop into my mind

Does this have an impact on my lifestyle / others

This should be a good starting point for yourself to help you reflect and start your journey of becoming emotional intelligent. Always remember nobody is perfect and we all fluctuate with our emotions, this is ok.

Peace and love x Shar ❤️


Mother, daughter, sister, niece, fiance, friend, cousin, Therapist, granddaughter this list can go on.

We live by so many titles, but who are we without theses titles. It seems like if you haven’t got a title then you haven’t got nothing to show for yourself. On the flip side if you have too many titles, you can almost feel pressured into living up to these titles, to make everyone proud.

Titles are just like labels and can sometimes make you feel overwhelmed with responsibility and feel almost as if you are in a box and have to conform. Otherwise your a failure or your letting someone down, colleagues, family or friends. Sometimes titles can prevent us from stepping outside of our comfort zone and realising who we truly are. In order to live life at its fullest we all know this means stepping out of our comfort zone and going against the norm.

Titles can be a distraction to take the focus of yourself and onto something else. Being so fixated on titles you can lose your self identity and feel a bit lost with you are and your purpose in this world. Sometimes we need to stop and take a step back from all of our responsibilities and think about ourselves and who we were before our titles, not getting distracted in this rat race. Although it’s easier said than done sometimes we need to press our pause button and check in with ourselves before we burn out from the many responsibilities with have.

Remember who you are and this can sometimes take time and practice, having to re learn about yourself and what makes you happy, sad, laugh etc.

When you next get a chance have some time to reflect about yourself and keep on tough with who you are as a human being, below are some things you could think about in the process.

  • What makes me smile
  • What makes me excited
  • What triggers various emotions
  • What would I be doing if I never had this title to live up to
  • What brings me peace

Never lose sight of who you truly are and be grateful for yourself and your life, find peace of mind. I hope that this post has helped you think about who you truly are and to not get to caught up on your title that you lose yourself and who you truly are as a human being.

Peace and love x Shar