End the Stigma

2019 we need to work towards ending the stigma associated with individuals with Mental Health Problems. With so much change going on in society today this needs to be a part of the movement for change. Just because someone behaves a particular way towards someone else this doesn’t mean that they will behave in the same way to them.

In life we are so quick to pass judgement on people without knowing there story, we met people at a particular stage in their life and because it may not be acceptable or in line to our lifestyle we make judgement on these individuals. Along my journey of self development I have learnt to accept people for who they are and to not judge people regardless.

This society teaches us to judge others who are different form us or make judgement on them, it’s ok to have an opinion on people, but if this is negative keep it to yourself. Individuals with Mental Health difficulties can often be portrayed in a negative light by the media and this is why other people will begin to judge everyone else who a Mental Health Problem. By doing this individuals can being to internalise this judgement and act out the self fulfilling prophecy (if you keep telling me I’m bad, I may internalise this and believe I am bad and act out of charter and behave bad).

As I have previously posted everyone in this world has a story, as to why they got to where they are today and there is pain in their struggle and the more we judge others the more pain we add to their struggle. Just because we may not understand there story it doesn’t make them a bad person.

Short and sweet post, but came to my mind quickly so I had to share. Thanks for reading Shar x