I don’t want to tell my General Practitioner about my Mental Health

Mental health Problems can be very distressing and hard to manage for some people, particularly if it is affecting your daily functioning (occupation, social). Trying to understand your Mental Health problem can sometimes feel difficult. Not only that explaining this problem to another person like your GP may feel very overwhelming and for some this can trigger unwanted emotions.

The first point of contact it’s advisable to make if you are struggling with your Mental Health is your GP, in case of an emergency (dail – 999 UK). Some people may feel unsure, worried or scared about contacting their Gp which may trigger some anxiety about the unknown, unpredictable and uncontrollable. This post will explain how your GP can help you and what they may recommend. (Disclaimer, I am not a GP but I have worked within a multidisciplinary team and have experience with working with these professionals).

General Practitioners are everyone’s first point of contact, for any medical healthcare situations or events (Physically and Mentally) your GP has a duty of care to you at all times. General Practitioners can provide information, support, signpost you to other organisations, prescribe medication amounts many more.. Always remember that your Gp will always put your needs first and help support you throughout your healthcare process.

When discussing your Mental Health with your Gp they may signpost you, or provide information, about professionals who you can contact that May further be able to assist you within this area. Your GP is there to help keep you safe and ensure that you get the right treatment and care for your difficulty.

If you are feeling Anxious or worried about contacting your GP about your Mental Health Problem below are some tips on how you can mange this.

Step 1 – Write down how you feel about going to your GP

Step 2 – Think of alternative thoughts if your feeling worried or anxious.

Step 3 – Write down the type of help you would like to revive from your GP

Step 4 – Write down how you would feel if you received this help

Step 5 – Research how GP’s support people, maybe this information may make you feel less anxious.

Thank you for reading this post, if you are feeling anxious about contacting your Gp I hope the information I have provided has helped. Let me know how you get on if this is you. Shar x