A conversation series

For all my beautiful lovely followers WORLDWIDE I want to keep you updated with everything as I know I’ve been absent from here, which is where it all started.

Firstly…….. this is my NEW logo for the platform I created called Culture Minds, I love this new one because it’s eye catching and stands out for all my lovely people.

Secondly……I have created a conversation series on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL interviewing celebrities and influencers about Mental Health, some of who share their own personal stories with me, to help inspire and motivate others to speak out about their mental health difficulties.

I am on a mission to NORMALISE conversations about Mental health and to make people aware that, it’s ok to share your story, other people have experienced the same if not worse and most importantly to not SUFFER ON SILENCE !!

My online series will be on TV soon and I am so happy I’ve started this online for you all to see worldwide. I will keep you guys updated with my journey and I also hope you all I hope you all enjoy this journey with me because I know it’s going to be amazing 😊

Peace and Love x Shar

Therapist Diary – 09 – If I had no followers

If you had 0 followers would you still do what you are doing today.

Being on social media can be a big distraction in life both positive and negatively depending on your interpretation, one question that I ask myself is if I had 0 followers and 0 likes and no support would I still what I’m doing today and the answer to this question is YES.

If I was asked this question a while ago I would have been reluctant and maybe of said NO but I’m so confident in my yes and that’s because what I do in my life I find so THERAPEUTIC for myself, my aim is to inspire others and motivate others but in doing so I’m also inspiring, motivating and encouraging myself. Everything I do now almost feels like a note to self which makes me feel so empowered.

So much has changed and happened in my life and I grow everyday and see changes in myself everyday which is amazing and I am so grateful with the person I’m becoming. When I reflect on my life and how far I’ve come it makes me smile and I done all of this on my own accord, motivating and encouraging myself which makes it so much more humbling and exciting for me.

My biggest goal is to travel the world and inspire millions of people sharing my message and encouraging people to build stronger minds and to never doubt themselves.

I thank you all for your support and for following my blog and I hope that I’m able to inspire you all with my post. Peace and Love ❤️ Shar x