Culture Minds

CultureMinds is my baby my business which I have just started in 2019 but I’ve always had the idea since God knows how long.

Aim :

1. To Help normalise conversations about Mental Health

2. To encourage people to share their story about Mental Health and not feel afraid to speak out.

3. To build stronger minds through early intervention planning

4. To help towards getting Mental Health taught within the national curriculum in schools. Mental Health can occur at any age within your lifespan and it’s important to be aware of the symptoms, help on offer, triggers and so much.

Why :

For the Culture – Within the Black community mental health is not often spoken about and often hidden away from friends, families or loved ones. This needs to stop because lives are being taken away by something that has a cure.

We all have Mental Health but that doesn’t mean we all have a Mental Health difficulty. However those who do suffer with difficulties often feel shamed or scared to seek help, which is the reason why stigma is wrongly attached because people have a lack of understanding and misconception about Mental Health. The more we speak about common Mental Health problems the more we can help one another become stronger.

How :

Speaking you your favourite people (can’t say too much yet but it’s going to be amazing)

Where :

The content will be published on YouTube very soon. Promotion will be on Instagram

I believe in the “Domino effect” once we can get one person speaking we can get EVERYONE speaking and not feeling afraid to share their story and let their voice be heard

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Hope you all enjoyed this post x


A Therapist’s Diary – 01

Welcome to my blog…… Here goes; December 2018 I made a vowel to myself that I was going to start blogging and reading more books. The reason for this vowel was because, I am on a journey in developing myself in becoming my greatest version and reaching my full potential; mentally, physically, spiritually everything lly in my life.

So today’s post is perfect because that means I have stuck to my commitment hence why your reading this post. So far we are in the month of February and I have already read two books (for me this is amazing because I never enjoyed reading and had a lack of concentration when it came to focusing on reading books). The current book I am reading is “You are a Badass” by Jen Sincero which I know will be amazing because I’ve judged the book by its cover so hopefully it lives up to my expectations.

How is blogging going to help you with your self development you ask ? (Or maybe you never asked either way I’m still going to share)

A very wise man who, inspires me and motives me (my dad always but this one isn’t for him, sorry dad) made a powerful saying which resonated with me and gave me that extra push in wanting to be a blogger said

“ In order to resonate with people you have to met them where they are, in order to take them to where you want them to be” Jim Rohan

To further elaborate on this, to me this means as a therapist I need to met my readers where they are now in order to help them become their greatest version (for the future)

So creating this blog is a space where I can be authentic with my readers and publish content which I feel, will provide an act of service that will resonate with people who need to read what I’m sharing. Everything I post will be things that I have learnt along my journey which I think will help you to within your journey.

Lastly other reasons why I wanted to create this blog is because :

– I have learnt so much in these last few months and want to share with your all, as life is a journey which we are all on the seek happiness and love.

– I want to be an authentic therapist who keeps it real with people and doesn’t hide behind my professional label.

– I was to do a TEDx talk and inspire millions

– I want to become an author and write books, I already have a book in the pipe line which I’m preparing, I know the title, the content everything. Only thing missing is I need to develop my writing skills and reach out to you all.

Thank you for reading.


Hi Everyone…. Thanks for stopping by and Welcome to my blog a platform where I will be sharing, with you all my journey as a Therapist, helping to normalise conversations about Mental Health

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