Understanding my Triggers

When you have a Mental Health problem is important to identify possible triggers. Identifying triggers is not easy for most people but once having that support to help you (if needed) things can become much easier.

I am going to provide a definition of a Trigger just to ensure everyone knows what it means; Trigger : Causes something to function or activate (In the terms of mental health a trigger is something that will activate an emotion, behaviour, feeling, response causing you to feel anxious or depressed). In life there is a trigger to everything (everything happens for a reason). For example when you wake up in the morning and feel depressed or anxious, something trigger this feeling. You may say “I wake like this everyday “ which maybe true, but there is a reason why you wake up like this everything and you can identify this, which will help with the problem.

Examples of what I mean by triggers, is thinking to yourself :

  1. Why did/do I feel low today ?
  2. Why did/do I feel anxious today ?

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming trying to understand what triggers your thoughts, behaviours or feelings, below is a how to guide in order to help you identify triggers to your Mental Health.

How to identify what triggers you :

Step 1: Keep a journal for notes, when you notice a change in your thoughts, behaviour and how you feel physically.

Step 2: Think about what happened before the changes occurred, this can include, where you were, who you were with or how you felt.

Step 3 : Think about how you felt during and after the situation or event occurred.

Thank you for reading.


No Mental Health Problem is too difficult to treat

Mental Health difficulties can be very distressing and uncomfortable and nobody likes to feel stressed or uncomfortable. It can make you feel lost, scared, alienated and alone and cause you to doubt yourself and have a negative outlook about yourself, others and the world around you.

I am here to say that you are not alone in, even though it may sometimes feel like you are. in life we all sometimes think we feel a certain way, until we are shown how to not feel this way or until we are shown what we are seeking for. For example in general sometimes in life we may not know the opportunities that are assessable to us or we may feel like we don’t need help from others and we just want to be alone. This is understandable, however  if you have a Mental Health Problem or you think you do, or you just want to start looking after your Mental Wellbeing, I just want to let you know that there are people, Charites, organisations everything out there to help you achieve what your are searching for so that you are not alone. Mental Health can impact your physical mobility, thoughts and behaviour  and its important that if this is you that you try to seek help for this problem. People have studied hard and worked years to be able to help support you and your Mental Health difficulty and we understand and are here to help when you need us.

No Mental Health Problem is too complicated to treat.

 Thank you for reading.

A Therapist Diary – 02 – My Act of Service

Hey, I hope this caught your eye, because this post is going to be about how I am going to provide an Act of Service to you ALL.

Many people know what goggle is; A search if information about (someone or something) on the internet using the search engine google.

Sometimes In life we get lost, confused and just need something to make us feel alive again, we are all searching for love and happiness and sometimes people may search for that on GOOGLE. In my life I have been blessed to have had (and still do) such supportive loved ones and it has meant soo much to me and has pushed me to continue and never give up. I realise that in life not everyone has this type of support and if this is you I want to be able to help you along your journey in provide you with that support, through my writing and my blogging.

My Act of Service :

My act of service is for the people who can’t afford the books I buy, or use the internet to help them research and listen to world-class motivational speakers, or go to the networking events go to. But worry not because, this blog “A Therapist Diary” and I will share my knowledge, skills and what I learn FOR YOU ALL, because I am passionate about what I do and want to give you 100%. Think of me like your Oprah Winfrey (I will be interviewing her soon). I want to be the Go-to for people who may feel lost or have unanswered questions about Mental Health. I am still growing, learning and teaching myself and I will take you on this journey with me. In life you will never know it all and have all the answers but if the knowledge that you do have is worth spreading do it and that’s what I plan to do. For me It took that one quote for me to read to focus my energy in doing what I’m doing here today and so I hope that this blog will be the one blog that you can come to for support, love, guidance and help.

Thank you for reading I hope that you all are reading for the content I will be providing as part of my act of service.

What does it mean to be Vulnerable

We often associate the word “Vulnerable” with being weak and I believe that this word means the total opposite. Let’s get a definition of the word vulnerability, just so that everyone is on the same page and we have an understanding of the post in detail.

Vulnerability: The quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of being attack or harmed either physically or emotionally (firstly I would like to say that it saddens me that this word is portrayed in such a negative way and if what makes people internalise this meaning and believe it in, so that they won’t be vulnerable due to that very reason)

I remember when I went on a church retreat and we were all getting to know each other and had to all answer the same question “What brought you to church” when people were sharing their stories everyone was being so open and honest there was a lot of tears and a lot of encouragement. After everyone had opened up about what brought them to church (including myself) I could sense that there was a massive weight lifted of everyone’s shoulders (for me it was) everyone felt closer having shared a side to them that most may not see. Now I’m not trying to say only church is going to make you feel vulnerable and this is your only option, what I’m trying to share is that from being vulnerable and open, you get a sense of relief after telling your story.

When you harbour feelings because you are scared of showing a softer side to you, these feelings can actually be detrimental to your wellbeing and cause you more internal pain. Have you ever held something within, when finally you pick up the courage to share your thoughts, you automatically feel relieved. I strongly believe that when your vulnerable yes this may open doors to being judged by others, however being vulnerable is a sign of honesty and owning your truth. They say that the truth hurts, the truth also makes you 10 times stronger.

Tips on How to be vulnerable :

1. Write down your thoughts

2. Be honest with yourself

3. Share your story with yourself

4. Don’t judge yourself

5. Take time with yourself

6. Don’t rush the process

7. Believe in yourself

8. Don’t get distracted but what others think or say about you

9. Find a peaceful place to think

10. Practice this daily

Thank you for reading this post. Please bare any thoughts of comments below. I would love to here form you all.

Where the Blogging Begins

Image : Where I sit

Often people take pictures in a beautiful cafe, laptop on the table, side coffee with their name underlined on the cup perfect shot (smiles).

However in reality this is where my blogging gets done. I’m either sitting on this bench or walking around the park, writing my thoughts in my notes on my phone. My motivation to blog comes from being in nature. When i go on my morning walks I become this “Creative Being” and so many ideas come to my mind. So i thought to myself if I become creative in nature, why not start blogging in nature and that’s what I did. I started blogging in the one place where I find peace and comfort to be alone with my thoughts.

Thanks for reading now you know where all the hard work comes from and where all my creative ideas begin.

Below picture is my view

(New blog post up soon)

The Man who made me who I am Today

The person you see today, the bogs I post, the knowledge I share, my motivation to do be great, my confidence in myself comes from my Dad.

My Dad is the one who taught me everything I know in life and everything I will continue to learn about myself in life. My dad knows the real me and that’s why it’s such a blessing because he knows my flaws and he will encourage me to work on them, by being comfortable with the uncomfortable. My dad has always been someone I could speak to (even about guys) and by having someone like this is the reason why I am who I am today. Most things I do goes through my dad, business, relationships, friendships and work. Don’t get me wrong I have a mind of my own but sometimes I do get stuck or do need that extra advice which is not a bad thing so my dad is the one who I can trust to keep it 100.

My dad is the type of person who will tell me how it is and will not sugar coat things to make me feel happy. In life you need someone who is going to be open and honest with you, regardless of the emotions it may trigger because that’s how you grow. Self development is not being comfortable in life you need to take risk in order to reach your full potential. My dads vibe is always high and if for whatever reason is isn’t he has the emotional intelligence to mange it.

For those reading this who may not have their dads around, family around or any loved ones this post and all my other post is to help strengthen you. I blog and share my knowledge form a place of love and if someone hasn’t found that place then I hope that from my post I am able to share with you the love that is shared with me.

Thanks for reading, always love yourself and be kind to your mind x Shar

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Before you sleep..Check on your “STRONG FRIEND”

Many of the reason why people don’t speak out about their Mental Health difficulty is because there scared of how others will perceive them, they don’t know what to say, they feel alone or there loved ones have created a persona for them that they feel they need to live up to.

Some people feel scared to let loved ones down so they behave strong for others to hide how they really feel. As a therapist I have assessed and treated many patients who have said to me “Everyone counts on me to be strong when they need help” or “How can I let my loved ones down im the rock of the family.” You will be surprised because the strongest person in your circle could deep down subconsciously be the weakest and are scared of failure or letting others down.

It’s sooooo important to spread love and happiness to everyone because you don’t know what people are going through behind closed doors. Alot of Mental Health suffers don’t want to be a burden on their loved ones so they keep quiet. Simply saying to someone “I’m here for you” can mean so much. So If it’s the last thing you do today make sure you check on your STRONG friend. Sometimes its those who we think our the strongest who may be struggling and feeling afraid to let us know how they really feel. Life can be so mentally and physically draining, we are all here trying to survive and do our best in life and this can sometimes be hard. Always remember those people who are there for you and have been there for you because one day they may go silent.

Thank you for reading. I hope that I have inspired you all to check on your strong friend and see how they are.