My Perfect day

Have you ever thought to yourself ” What would my perfect day look like” if not It’s time to visualise and get creative. Our mind is so powerful and we can run wild with our imagination, it can almost feel like reality.

Today’s post is going to be an exercise, which I hope you’ll all will enjoy, participate in and share with your loved ones. I want you to think about what your perfect day would look like and visualise this, get a pen and paper and write whatever comes to mind. When you are thinking about this and making your notes, be as detailed as you can and think about your emotions.

Below are some suggestions of the things you can write down, but get creative and add as much as you life. IT’S YOUR PERFECT DAY !! 😊


What time would you wake up

What country would you wake up in

What would the weather be like

What room would you wake up in

Who would you wake up next to you

What would be the first thing your do

What would you eat for breakfast

Who would prepare your breakfast

Where would you eat breakfast

What would you do after breakfast


What plans do you have throughout the day

What are you going to wear

How will you have your hair

Who are you with

How are your getting around throughout the day


What time are you going to bed

Who are you going to bed with

Where are you going to sleep

What are you going to wear to bed


You maybe thinking what’s the point of this exercise. The reasons why I recommended this as because, I wanted to install hope into your mind that you can achieve anything you want in your life, if your determined to make this happen. You are the master of you own life and you can create the lifestyle that you want if you just believe, think about all the emotions you experienced just writing down and visualising your perfect day. Now can you imagine if you created this lifestyle for yourself everyday, if you can believe it, imagine it you can achieve it.

Hard work pays off, YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF to smile and live your best life.

If you enjoyed this exercise let me know what emotions you felt and share with a friend❤️😊.

Peace and love x Shar


Stop blaming Social Media for your Problems.

Before I begin this post I would like to start of by proving you with some definitions.

The Oxford English Dictionary definition :

Sociable : Enjoying the company of others, friendly and welcoming.

Social : A social gathering

Media : The main means of mass communication, broadcasting, publishing and internet.

Social media : Website and application that enables users to create and share content in social networking.

Networking : A group of people who keep in contact to exchange information.

Reflecting on the definition of theses words, for me it’s confusing how a social gathering is getting confused with a website of application used to share content. For many years now there has been a lot of news based on, social media damaging our society and causing problems for individuals. When did your lifestyle become a website or application to share as a means of mass communication.

I think it’s time to put this to bed, when I hear all of these stories, not for one second do I blame social media. I blame the people going on social media and looking for someone else to blame. In life it’s so easy to blame others for our own wrongdoings or insecurities and not taking into consideration the biggest cause of your problem ourselves. We need to stop looking for others to blame for things we are partaking in willingly ourselves, nobody logged into your social media account but YOU and so you need to take full responsibility of how this is making you feel.

Sometimes we need to sit back and think to ourselves what input did we have to play in this social media faze. Social media is a platform created for a reason to help the right people, perform well and elevate within their business. Think of the the people who use social media correctly and how this is benefiting them,then think about the people who are using social media incorrectly and how it’s disadvantaging them. Below is an example

Using social media correctly

  1. Making money
  2. Building target audience
  3. Elevating business
  4. Inspiring people worldwide

Using social media incorrectly

  1. Complaining about social media
  2. Comparing themselves to others
  3. Low self esteem
  4. No social life

Think about this list I’ve mentioned above and think to yourself are you using social media correctly or incorrectly and if you are using social media incorrectly how are you going to manage this. Social media can be addictive but think about what you exposing your mind to, is it helpful and is it worth it. If it’s not helping you or making you feel good, it’s not worth it and you need to remove it form your life once and for all.

How can I support my Friend with a Mental Health Problem

When a loved one is suffering with a Mental Health problem, it may sometimes feel difficult to know how to best support them and you may feel as if your letting them down or not being a good friend. Mental Health difficulties may make some people feel vulnerable, which may cause them to withdraw or isolate themselves from others. Sometimes it may be difficult for the person to express themselves. Try to remember as much as this is a transition and new experience for you, it is also difficult for the person experiencing the mental health difficulty.

Below are some tips of how you can support a loved one suffering with a Mental Health problem :

  1. Provide a Listening ear
  2. Don’t judge
  3. Check up on them
  4. Let them know you care
  5. Try not to get frustrated
  6. Be patient
  7. Research information for better understanding
  8. Don’t try to change them or rush their healing
  9. Uplift them when you can
  10. Be creative in your communication e.g. create affirmations, do small gestures (it’s the smallest things that count)

I hope that this post was able to help or inspire you to help out a friend who maybe in need. Shar x

Love Yourself

We live in a world where we are constantly shown or told to love others or love can only be found in a relationship, we watch television programmes like love island or the bachelor, with people constantly seeking love and approval from others and glamorising love from others. Don’t get me wrong loving someone and feeling loved by another person feels great, but loving yourself feels 100000000 times better.

A Poem about Love ❤️

Love yourself when you’ve just be diagnosed with a Mental Health Problem.

Love yourself when you’ve been put on the waiting list for treatment for your wellbeing.

Love yourself when your feeling Depressed and Anxious.

Love yourself when times are hard and you don’t know where to turn.

Love yourself when all you see is darkness and can’t find the light.

Love yourself when you don’t have all the answers.

Love yourself even if others try to bring you down.

Love yourself when you have nobody to turn to in times of need.

Love yourself when your feel lonely

You only have yourself so practice self love and self care, no one can love you more than yourself. ❤️❤️

Just wanted to spread some love in your life today, if you need some support with self love let me know in the comments below or send me a message. Shar x

It’s ok to ask for Help

You are Strong, Brave, Ambitious, Courageous and Beautiful. When times get hard, remember that you do not have to suffer in silence and isolate yourself.

In life it is ok to ask for help, or to admit to yourself or to anyone else, that you are struggling or you cannot cope with things in life at the moment. Many people have days of feeling when their feeling stressed or unable to cope. Being honest about how you feel, does not make you a weak person, because it takes strength to be honest when you are feeling vulnerable and admit when your finding life challenging.

Mental health difficulties may impact on your daily functioning and sometimes you may feel like, you can’t manage and cope alone and its ok to say you need help. In life you are not going to know and have the answers to everything and there are people in this world who will know some of the answers to the things you may not know or need help with. We are a community and a culture (smiles) and we are here to help each other. If you notice that you are struggling with anything in your life mentally or physically never feel ashamed to say “Can you help me please” because it’s by seeking help that you are able to grow within yourself and potentially help others. We all have knowledge and skills worth sharing.

How I made the Law of Attraction work for me

Today’s blog I hope will inspire someone who is or has been in a similar situation to me and never knew what to do. A few years ago I read a book called “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, which is about the Law of Attraction and speaking what you want into existence. I would like to share with you how I made this happen for myself. Firstly I would like to share that, I believe in a higher being “God” who is the creator of this beautiful life I’m living. I also believe in prayer and asking God for what you want. Here’s where the story begins… Over the last couple of months, I’ve been constantly praying daily and asking God to let me have my own business, let me be my own boss and give me strength to leave a 9-5 work life.

This is how the law of attraction manifested in my life :

I was meant to start a new job with a new employee but same role. On my first day of work I was feeling happy, excited and ready for a new challenge and new team. Tuesday Morning 10:00am (my start date) I arrived early to my new workplace and soon as I arrived I was seated in the admin office waiting to met with the manager to have my induction. A few hours passed (12:00pm) and the manger came over to me and explained that she was trying to sort out my log in details, (12:45) this then changed to my manager telling me she was awaiting for some documents to be sent to her. (1pm) I was called into a meeting with another two mangers (In my head I’m thinking yes I’m ready to start) I was then further updated that the documents, that they had been waiting for still never arrived and due to the nature of my role,confidentiality and who I’d be working with. I was told that I can’t start until these documents have arrived. So I was sadly sent home by my mangers who look disappointed in letting me go.

Immediately I saw the good form this situation, I saw this as God testing me to see if i really deserved the lifestyle I was asking him for. So I took this test and said to myself, God I’m going to prove to you and myself that I am ready for this lifestyle. So while my new job was pending I started to live the life I was asking God for. I started blogging, networking and focusing more on my business ideas.

A few weeks passed and I still hadn’t heard back from my new employers, but this was amazing because I had more time for my business. I was being invited to talk at events, I started doing workshops with so many guest attending, I started doing life coaching sessions and income starting flowing in abundance. People then started to pay me for my act of service i was providing and I was inspiring so many people.

Moral of the story….

I call this the Law of Attraction because everyday I was praying and saying to my friends and family that I wanted to start my own business and no longer wanted to work a 9-5 lifestyle and it wasn’t until this situation happened that I was able to. So I hope for anyone reading this, I have been able to inspire you to live your dreams and be the person you want to become. Speak positive things into life and become that person you’ve been dreaming of.

“Anything is possible if you believe.”

How to make the Law of Attraction work for you :

1. Speak what you want into existence

2. Believe in yourself

3. Live the lifestyle your asking for

3. Never give up

5. Believe in the power of Prayer

Thank you for reading I hope I was able to inspire someone today.