Therapist Diary – 08 – Consistency

Lately in my life I’ve been feeling quite drained and tied and getting tooo comfortable with my bed and being lazy which has showed in my lack of consistency in my blogging. I love being able to blog and share my ideas and I know I need to continue and be more consistent. My work ethnic has decreased in all areas and I need to get back to the place where I was a few months ago (which I will). Quitting my job to do what I love was the best decision I made and sometimes I get easily distracted, so I need to start over again and “Feed my focus and starve my distractions” Blogging is something that is so new to me but makes me feel so happy when I post and share my knowledge, because I know it’s helping someone and from all your views this keeps me going and drives me the most not to stop. So I’m here to say sorry I’ve been away for a while but I’m back and I’m ready for more blogging.


Therapist Diary – 07 – Why I Journal

For the last couple of years I’ve been keeping a journal about my life, I find that writing helps me gain clarity of my thoughts, there are days when I’m feeling so inspired and creative I have to write everything down and start setting myself some goals to achieve. On the other hand there can also be days when I maybe feeling low or lost and I just write down my thoughts. My journal fluctuates, I have a written journal book and I also use my phone (notes). Some of the things I write in my journal can be, prayers, Goals, things I’ve achieved, what I’m happy about etc. My journal is my happy place. Writing a journal has helped be be true, kind and honest to myself because it’s only writing and reading it. One element in particular that I love about Journalling is looking back and re reading the front page,seeking how far I’ve come and grown and how I’ve achieved my goals years later. Such a beautiful feeling.

Below are some ways Journaling also helps me :

  1. Speaking/ Planning things into existence
  2. Reflecting how far I’ve come
  3. Creating my life
  4. Prayer request
  5. Working on myself

Therapist Diary – 06 – Do it Now

In life sometimes we always want to wait for the right time or perfect moment to start something new or do something that we’ve always planned. What I’ve learnt in my journey is that there is no time like the present. There will never be the perfect time to do something and the quicker you start, the more you learn about yourself and allow yourself to grow and develop into the person you want to become. Life is a journey in which we are always evolving and learning new things about ourselves, embrace change and don’t be fearful of the unknown. Sometimes you may feel afraid about setbacks or judgement from others, another thing I’ve learnt is that people are always going to talk, no matter what your do. The best thing you can do in your life is work on yourself and develop in areas which you feel needs improvement. People will treat you how you allow them to, so master your craft, grow, learn and love yourself living your best life.

I wish what I knew now, I knew early in my life but I’m still happy at this stage in my life. I love who I am and who I’m becoming, I’m literally living my dreams connecting and working with people from different countries, doing events, public speaking, panelist speaking, coaching, travelling meeting beautiful people worldwide, building a culture for my business and soooo much more. I wouldn’t change it for the world. #GirlBoss

If you want to do something start now, your future self will thank you for it. 💛

My Mental Health at Work

Most of us spend the majority of our lives at work, which can combine between, full time, part time, agency or shift work. Sometimes it can be easy to forget about your Mental Wellbeing at work when your so focused on your career and your goals for the future. In saying this it’s so important to take care of your Mental Wellbeing, because Mental Health problems can affect your daily functioning (social and occupational). If you feel that your Mental Wellbeing is deteriorating, hopefully this post will help you look into taking care of this situation.

Let’s use an example;

Your in an amazing Full time job, great pay (bills are covered), fun colleagues (good social life) but your responsibilities are very demanding and causing your stress, making you feel mentally drained, ill and your not feel like yourself lately. What do you do ?

Focusing on this example, the most concerning element is, your job making you feel ill, mentally drained and your not feeling your normal self. Sometimes you may get these signals and think nothing of this, but generally this is your trigger for yourself, telling you that maybe something needs to change. Something that you love doing, in which you are skilled in shouldn’t be making you feel ill or mentally drained because this then defeats the purpose of your hard work.

Below are some steps that may be able to help you think about the next steps you could take if your having trouble with the example above or something similar.

  1. Reflect on how your job is making you feel (write down your thoughts).
  2. Write down the pros and cons to how your feeling.
  3. Is how your feeling impacting your work performance.
  4. Have others started to notice and decline in your performance.
  5. Think about how long you haven’t been feeling like yourself (feeling ill) and whether you are managing this appropriately.
  6. Have you thought about communicating how your feel to your manager or occupational health.
  7. Are you aware of your employments healthcare policy.
  8. Have you tried speaking to your General Practitioner.

Going through there steps may help you to reflect and think about possible ways you maybe able to help yourself. It’s so important to not suffer in silence and to reflect every so often on how your feeling. Always remember to keep in touch with yourself and be kind to your mind. Pay attention to any change that may be detrimental to your health.

Thank you for reading, I hope that this post was able to help or inspire you if you maybe experiencing difficulties at work. Shar x

Love Yourself

We live in a world where we are constantly shown or told to love others or love can only be found in a relationship, we watch television programmes like love island or the bachelor, with people constantly seeking love and approval from others and glamorising love from others. Don’t get me wrong loving someone and feeling loved by another person feels great, but loving yourself feels 100000000 times better.

A Poem about Love ❤️

Love yourself when you’ve just be diagnosed with a Mental Health Problem.

Love yourself when you’ve been put on the waiting list for treatment for your wellbeing.

Love yourself when your feeling Depressed and Anxious.

Love yourself when times are hard and you don’t know where to turn.

Love yourself when all you see is darkness and can’t find the light.

Love yourself when you don’t have all the answers.

Love yourself even if others try to bring you down.

Love yourself when you have nobody to turn to in times of need.

Love yourself when your feel lonely

You only have yourself so practice self love and self care, no one can love you more than yourself. ❤️❤️

Just wanted to spread some love in your life today, if you need some support with self love let me know in the comments below or send me a message. Shar x

Therapist Diary – 05 – Music is my Therapy

Music has always been my therapy, when I feel low or not quite in the mood when I play some music (slow Jamz) and this helps uplift my mood. Now some people may think that slow Jamz are sad and emotional and yes some songs are but for me I feel like these songs make me happier (not sure how the artist will feel about this). The reason why music is my go to and very therapeutic for me is because throughout my childhood music was always played in my household. I grew up on music and music was always associated with happiness, love, laughter and celebrations (so disappointed that I cant sing).

One thing I would love to get into and most likely will when I have enough time would be Music Therapy. I would love to be able to help inspires someone through sound. Also that just reminds me that, there are other types of music that Jealous me therapeutical not only slow Jamz but classical music. This type of music helps me feel soo calm, this particularly works when I’m in my car, when something on the road is irritated me or has annoyed me. I definitely believe that music has the ability to change people’s Mental Wellbeing and I would love to know more about this.

In life It’s so important to find something that helps keep you sane, particularly when your feeling low or need to have some time with yourself. I hope that you all have something that helps you therapeutical when you feeling down or lost.

Thank you for reading this post, I would love to hear some of you lots therapeutic healing treats for yourself. Shar x

The Art of Therapy

Sometimes when you are going through a rough time, you may not have the words to speak and say how you feel, so you may decide to withdraw or isolate yourself form others.

When experiencing a Mental Health difficulty being able to express yourself can be difficult, and daunting, particularly if your trying to explain to others, when you in need of help. Sometimes verbal communication may not be enough to help get your message across because you may feel like you cannot find the right words to express how you truly feel. This is where the Art of Therapy begins.

In life there are various other ways that you can communicate non verbally to help share how you are feeling. (For example have you ever listened to a slow sad song and had someone ask, how comes our listening to such a sad song are you ok and you haven’t even said anything). Expression is subjective to each individual and you should feel comfortable in expressing yourself however it feels best to you. When you are finding it difficult to express yourself or mange how you think, feel and behave you can try some of the activities listed below and see if this may help. Being creative can also be very therapeutic, sometimes there is art in the silence or being imaginative.

Some other ways of expressing yourself and how you feel:

  • Art Therapy – Drawing, painting, culture making
  • Writing, poetry, songs, spoken words, script writing
  • Music Therapy – plating, dancing
  • Drama – Acting
  • Sign Language